Voting will be held on October 26th, the total votes and score will be accumulated from 5 categories

1) Thermaltake Judge 40%:

Meaning that everyone from Thermaltake HQ excluding the event planning team, will be given one vote for their favorite build.

2) Thermaltake CEO 10%:

Thermaltake CEO Kenny Lin will be scoring the modders according to his personal preference and his judging system, total score will be 10% given by him.

3) Tt Community Members 35%:

At Thermaltake we value our customers, so this time we have decided to hold a community voting event allowing the fans to have a say in who wins!

4) Branch Office of Modders Region 5%:

Since every region and country has their own modding style and build style, so we thought it would be fair to give 5% of the total score for the branch office of the modders region.

5) Newegg Judge 10%:

Newegg will have 10% in judging the contest according to their preference

  • Tt Judge




  • Tt CEO

    Kenny Lin



  • Tt Community Members



  • Branch office of modders region



  • Newegg




Total Score:


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